What Is And What Should Never Be

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My name is Bradley Davis. I live in Southern California and i love it. I'm 21 years old and i love skateboarding, snowboarding, astronomy, astrophysics, Led Zeppelin, nature, hiking, girls that wear beanies, listening to vinyls, the beach, the mountains and much more awesome stuff. I appreciate feedback on my blog. Other then that feel free to follow and enjoy what i enjoy! Follow me on instagram: slideblue


Bru-Ray: Copenhagen Secret Session by Thrasher Magazine

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Mile 5 of 16. A day of blisters and twisted ankles, and the prettiest 16 mile ‘trail’ I’ve ever hiked.

Tianna Gregory [x]

She’s a other one of my favorites

Santorini  by Fabian Leitz 

I wanna go here so bad

Gilbert Crockett 360 - Vans

Santorini - Fira  by Ilker özmen

does anyone else hate that tumblr changed the blog format for the computer site? I think its super lame now


legend has it theres life outside the internet